Manitoba insurance employees ratify new agreement

Deal includes wage freeze in first 2 years
||Last Updated: 02/05/2013

After three weeks of voting, members of the Manitoba Government and General Employees’ Union (MGEU) who work for Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI) have voted in favour of a new contract.

The four-year deal includes a wage freeze for the first two years and then increases of 2.75 per cent in October 2014 and another 2.75 per cent in October 2015. In addition, the long-term disability cap will be doubled at $5,500 per month and a new $300 health and well-being account for fitness-related expenses will be introduced.

The 1,700 members will also see expanded family/bereavement leave and overtime provisions in their new agreement, as well as a $50 monthly allowance for those working downtown to help with the cost of parking and other costs.

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