Arbitrator extinguishes firing for inappropriate comments

Evidence showed comments were part of joking context
By Jeffrey Smith
|Canadian Labour Reporter|Last Updated: 02/13/2017

A firefighter who was dismissed for inappropriate comments to a female co-worker at a party has been reinstated with a suspension and a demotion by an arbitrator.

Ryan Hamilton was a firefighter for the City of Brampton, Ont. Hired in 2001, he became  captain at a Brampton station 206 in July 2013. 

At a September 2014 golf tournament for firefighters, Hamilton’s foursome came to the tee of a hole to which a female firefighter from station 209 was selling tickets. Hamilton joked with the female firefighter and one of his colleagues in the foursome, Kirk Swann, took a liking to her. Swann obtained the woman’s phone number and invited her to an after party, but she declined.