Manitoba Harvest violated rights of workers seeking unionization: Labour board

Two workers ordered reinstated
||Last Updated: 04/11/2017

The Manitoba Labour Board determined that Manitoba Harvest committed unfair labour practices by firing two employees who supported a union drive, according to the Workers United Canada Council.

The board released its decision April 10 in the complaint of unfair labour practices filed by the council in November 2015. 

The lengthy case was heard over 16 days between February and October 2016.

Manitoba Harvest has been ordered to reinstate two employees to their employment and pay compensation to each of them for their loss of income and other employment benefits, said the council.

Manitoba Harvest has been ordered to pay the union $2,000 for the violation of the union's rights under the act, according to the council.

"It's unacceptable that big companies break the law in order to prevent workers from exercising their rights," said Barry Fowlie, director of the council.

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