Nova Scotia worker required to use paid holidays for day off

Nothing in collective agreement to specify treatment
|Canadian Labour Reporter|Last Updated: 08/21/2017

After taking one day off to attend a wedding, a worker in a food packaging company in Hantsport, N.S., was surprised to find one of his holiday days was used by the employer for the time off.

Mike Shiers was a Leotech operator at Canadian Keyes Fibre (CKF) when he filled out a request-for-leave form for July 18, 2015. He had arranged with another worker, Patti Sanford, to cover his shift on the specialized machine, so it could continue operating during his absence.

When he looked at his following paycheque and saw that he “had been paid for a banked day that I did not request for taking a day off and having someone fill in for my shift,” Shiers filed a grievance on Aug. 1.