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Labour News
Jan 23, 2015
Gas prices fell even further in December

Jan 21, 2015
Union reports as many as 5 incidents in a single day

Jan 20, 2015
Union, employer fail to reach agreement following mediation

Jan 20, 2015
Retail cuts on the rise

Jan 19, 2015
Premier Wynne aims to close wage gap between kindergarten, daycares

Jan 19, 2015
Province can reduce number of health care bargaining units from 50 to 4

Jan 16, 2015
6-1 ruling gives federal government a year to create new labour relations scheme
Global Labour News
Jan 21, 2015
Ruling to affect all of Hyundai's domestic workers

Jan 20, 2015
Union ballot for industrial action ends in late January

Jan 19, 2015
IG Metall threatens widespread strikes

Jan 16, 2015
Ruling to affect all of Hyundai's domestic workers

Jan 15, 2015
Negotiations break down over wages, health-care costs

Jan 14, 2015
Workers protest issues of progressive policies, dismissals
Current Issue
CURRENT ISSUE: Jan 19, 2015
New task force looks to standardize wages, benefits

Union pushes for reinstatement

CUPE wins grievance for one group of staff, not the other

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Sundeep Gokhale, a partner at Sherrard Kuzz, explains to Canadian HR Reporter TV how the changing labour movement is influencing the ways unions are organizing in Canadian workplaces

Managing the Difficult Employee

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Labour Arbitration and All That, 4th Edition

A practical, working manual for effective arbitration preparation and presentation, this work discusses arbitration in a pragmatic and practical manner to bring clarity to the process and provides clear, objective advice.

This fourth edition, published four decades after the first edition, remains true to the original publication as it sets out in a logical sequence the complete arbitration process – from filing a grievance to proceeding through the arbitration process to seeking judicial review.

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