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Labour News
Nov 27, 2014
Demonstrations by 25 unions largely peaceful

Nov 26, 2014
Employees protest pension reform

Nov 26, 2014
Union endorses proposal, says pact deals with deficits, surpluses

Nov 25, 2014
'Dismissed with costs' in favour of broadcaster

Nov 25, 2014
Employees voted 57 per cent against deal

Nov 24, 2014
Agreement improves wages, job security

Nov 24, 2014
Experience rating programs provide financial incentives for companies to suppress claims, says labour group
Global Labour News
Nov 24, 2014
Strike could shut airport, trains, seaports

Nov 21, 2014
Costly licence rules creating truck driver shortage

Nov 20, 2014
Prime minister says Jobs Act will help

Nov 19, 2014
Workers call for 40 per cent pay rise

Nov 17, 2014
Increase could result in back-lash among Gulf officials, companies

Nov 14, 2014
UFCW supporting workers' bid for wage increase
Current Issue
CURRENT ISSUE: Nov 24, 2014
Unions could gain access to internal communications systems

70-year-old Toronto hospital worker wins back benefits

Long-term staffer unfairly passed over for promotion: Union

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Blaine Donais, founder of Workplace Fairness Institute, talks to Canadian HR Reporter TV about how organizations can build relationships with unions to improve morale and business results

Employee Misuse of Workplace Technology — How to Protect Your Organization

Learn how to identify risk and protect your organization’s confidential information when employees can access it multiple ways
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Managing an Aging Workforce

Best practices in managing older workers and generational diversity will prepare your organization for the demographic shift of an aging population

Labour Arbitration and All That, 4th Edition

A practical, working manual for effective arbitration preparation and presentation, this work discusses arbitration in a pragmatic and practical manner to bring clarity to the process and provides clear, objective advice.

This fourth edition, published four decades after the first edition, remains true to the original publication as it sets out in a logical sequence the complete arbitration process – from filing a grievance to proceeding through the arbitration process to seeking judicial review.

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