Saskatchewan teachers threaten job action

95 per cent of teachers say they will strike if demands aren’t met
||Last Updated: 04/26/2011

Teachers in the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation are 95 percent in favour of job action to support their contract demands.

Teachers could withdraw from voluntary services likeextracurricular activities, as they did in 2000, or they could conduct aprovince-wide strike.

The job action results are from a vote teachers took onApril 13.

The central issue in the dispute remains the teachers’wages. The Saskatchewan School Boards Association and the provincial governmentare offering a 5.5 per cent wage increase over three years, while the unionwants a 12 per cent raise over one year. The union says teachers in Saskatchewanhave the lowest average salaries in the Prairie provinces.

The union has said teachers would give 48 hours’ noticebefore any withdrawal of services.

About 12,000 Saskatchewan teachers have been without acontract since August 31, 2010. The two parties have been bargaining forthe last 11 months.

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