Windsor garbage collectors vote ‘no’ to union representation

CUPE suspicious because it was workers who were exploring organization
||Last Updated: 05/09/2011

Windsor’s recently privatized garbage collectors have voted 75 per cent against joining the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE). The vote took place early last Friday.

Some of the 30 Turtle Island Recycling Corp. employees were seeking representation from CUPE, which was the same union that represented garbage collectors previously employed by the city.

Company leaders are said to be pleased with the results of the vote, but CUPE representatives are unsure of the outcome.

"We had a very positive reaction from them, so it was very surprising,” CUPE representative Donna Felder tells the CBC.

CUPE says it was employees of Turtle Island who had originally contacted the union to explore representation.

Turtle Island took over curbside collection from city crews in December of last year after the city voted to privatize the work.

CUPE is unsure what steps they will take to investigate the vote, but are “looking at their options.”

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