Toronto airport limo drivers can return to work: Labour Board

Ontario Labour Relations Board hands down ruling sending dispute to arbitration
||Last Updated: 05/16/2011

The Ontario Labour Board has issued a ruling that is sending200 Toronto airport limo drivers back to work. The drivers have been off theroad since Dec. 1, 2010, when the company refused to issue necessary provincialregistration stickers for their vehicles.

Last week’s ruling means that theowner's decision constitutes a lock-out and workers are allowed to resume theirjobs.

“This lock-out was totallyunnecessary,” says Canadian Auto Workers (CAW) National RepresentativeSukhvinder Johl. “With today’s decision, our members go back to work immediatelywhile awaiting a final decision by an arbitrator on what their new contractwill be.

The union says the owner stoppednegotiating completely while seeking to increase the fees the company collectsfrom the drivers. This is the union’s first agreement with the employer.

Currently, drivers must buy theirvehicle from the owner and pay a monthly fee of $7,000 for the right to operateone of their limousines, according to an earlier press release. The union wouldlike to see these fees reduced.

The drivers are represented by CAWLocal 252 and are employees of McIntosh, Air Cab and Aeroport, which are all ownedby Zahavy Limousines.

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