Air Canada pilots reject airline’s most recent offer

Airline and union to return to bargaining after 67 per cent of union turns down deal
||Last Updated: 05/19/2011

The Air Canada Pilots Assiation (ACPA) has rejected the latestoffer from the airline, the union announced today. With 98 per cent of eligiblepilots taking part in the vote, 67 per cent have chosen to reject theagreement.

“The pilots have spoken,” said Capt. Paul Strachan, presidentof the ACPA, in a release. “We must return to the bargaining table to addresstheir concerns.”

The union will review its collective bargaining strategy andproposals as a result of the vote that sent it back to negotiations, Strachansaid.

Air Canada says that it is business as usual for the airlineand that representatives will be contacting the union shortly to discuss nextsteps.

This recent offer would have seen new hires become membersof a defined-contribution pension plan. It also covered details for theairline’s proposed new low-cost carrier service, which Air Canada says willcreate jobs for 462 pilots and three times as many flight attendants.

Members of the ACPA completed the 10-day ratification voteyesterday. The pilots have been without a collective agreement since March 31,2011.

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