Nurse fired for accessing personal health info

The grievor had access to the hospital’s medical database and used it to find information on her son’s ex-wife. Despite the grievor’s long service and clean disciplinary record, the arbitrator upheld the hospital’s decision to terminate her.
By Mark Rogers
|Canadian Labour Reporter|Last Updated: 06/13/2011

A nurse with 22 years’ service was fired after the employer determined that she had inappropriately looked at the personal medical file of her former daughter-in-law.

H.P. was hired by the hospital in 1989. She worked continuously at the hospital between the date she was hired and when she was fired on February 11, 2011. Her record was discipline-free.

On January 29, 2011, H.P. used the hospital’s Meditech database to collect medical information on a patient. H.P. made use of the hospital’s Meditech access again a few days later to look up the same patient. H.P. had no clinical relationship with the patient.