Wrong but not reckless — worker is reinstated

Despite the injuries the grievor caused to a co-worker, and despite the senseless nature of the act, he was reinstated. His apologies, his long, clean record and his good prospects for improvement saved him.
By Mark Rogers
|Canadian Labour Reporter|Last Updated: 07/11/2011

A worker was fired after his thoughtless prank activated a machine that he thought was locked out. The worker’s friend, who was inside the machine, sustained serious injuries.

D.M. was a shipper/receiver at a packaging plant. He had a discipline-free record and 12 years’ seniority.

Using large, automated machines, the plant manufactures finished boxes from sheets of corrugated cardboard. The plant is a potentially hazardous industrial setting. Workers are trained to be aware of workplace hazards and to adopt safe work practices, including machine lockout procedures.