Canada’s unemployment rate falls to 7.2 per cent in July

More full-time and private sector jobs creates lowest unemployment rate since 2008
||Last Updated: 08/05/2011

The rate of unemployment in Canada fell to 7.2 per cent in July, its lowest since December 2008, according to Statistics Canada. The fall was due to people dropping out of the labour market, rather than to job creation.

The economy was able to add 7,100 jobs to the market, while holding on to the 28,000 jobs that were created in June. An increase in the number of private sector employees was offset by a decline in the public sector. Employment in the private sector increased by 95,000, while the public sector fell by 72,000. Self-employment was down across the country by 15,900.

The bulk of the employment gains came in construction, transportation and warehousing. Construction rose by 31,000 in July, following three months of little change. Employment in transportation and warehousing rose for the second consecutive month, up 28,000 in July. Compared with July 2010, employment in transportation and warehousing increased by 7.2 per cent, which is the highest growth rate of all industries.

Among the provinces, Alberta added 12,000 jobs. This is its third consecutive month of increases. After two months of decreases, Newfoundland and Labrador added 3,800 jobs to its market.

Employment in Ontario declined by 22,000 in July, compared to the 40,300 it added last month. Despite this decline, employment growth over the past 12 months stands at 1.6 per cent. The rest of the country experienced less change.

In the United States, 117,000 jobs outside the farm sector were added to the marked in July, dropping the unemployment rate by 0.1 to 9.1 per cent.

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