Thirty-year employee fired for harassment

The grievor had a reputation for aggression and unpredictability, and a record of discipline to match. When the employer alleged that one loud, violent confrontation was the culminating incident, her long service could not save her.
By Mark Rogers
|Canadian Labour Reporter|Last Updated: 08/12/2011

A deli clerk with 30 years of service was fired following an incident of workplace harassment. The clerk’s outburst was a culminating incident that prompted a consideration of her conduct over the previous 10 months.

J.D. was employed serving customers in the deli department of a grocery store where she sliced prepared meats and assembled various ready-to-eat food items. She had been a full and part-time employee for 30 years when she was fired in 2010.

J.D. received a three-day suspension in November 2009 for violating the employer’s polices on safe food preparation and employee purchases. J.D. accomplished this double violation when she was observed to reach into a salad she was preparing with an ungloved hand and eat from the bowl, thus committing theft and violating the company’s food preparation guidelines at the same time.