Firing for worker threatening to shoot managers

The stress of his job was beginning to take its toll on the grievor and he was the subject of complaints. He began to blame management for his problems and, finally, threatened to bring a gun to work. Despite the fact that he had mental health issues and was not taking his medication, the grievor’s threat was too serious to overlook.
By Mark Rogers
|Canadian Labour Reporter|Last Updated: 08/26/2011

A Parking Control Officer employed by a municipality was fired after he threatened to bring a gun into work and shoot management.

C.L. began working as a Parking Control Officer in 1984. The job entails conducting patrols of given areas, identifying by-law infractions, issuing tickets and appearing in court as required. The Parking Control Officers worked largely unsupervised, however, they began and ended their day with a roll call in the parade room where they were given their assignments at the beginning of the shift and required to turn in their equipment to finish the shift.

The job could be stressful. C.L. reported that members of the public threw coffee and beer at him. He had also been pushed and shoved, hit with metal tools and told he was subhuman. Taxi drivers threatened to kill him.