Termination excessive for surfing pornography

The grievor had been assigned to a relatively junior job while he awaited a posting. He was bored and started to surf to porn sites on the web. When the employer found out, he was fired. The arbitrator reinstated him without back pay, pointing to his long, clean record and the failure of the employer to supervise him.
By Mark Rogers
|Canadian Labour Reporter|Last Updated: 08/26/2011

A senior analyst and policy advisor with more than 25 years in the public service was fired for inappropriate use of government property after it was discovered that he was using the Internet at work to look at pornographic images.

F.A. began his public service career in the Foreign Service in 1984. He had regular overseas postings until 2000. In 2007, he took a temporary assignment in Citizenship and Immigration while he sought a non-rotational position in the Foreign Service. He worked on assignments as directed. By July 2009 he had largely completed the tasks he was assigned and had little other work.

While some Internet research was necessary for his job, F.A. also used the Internet at work to keep abreast of current events and sports. At the end of July 2009, F.A. came across sexually explicit materials while viewing the photo-sharing website “flickr” at home.