Termination warranted for fraudulent claim

The grievor passed off a torn tendon from an earlier event as a work-related injury and received workers’ comp benefits. Because his dishonesty was deliberate and carried on over a long period of time, the arbitrator found that termination was appropriate.
By Mark Rogers
|Canadian Labour Reporter|Last Updated: 09/16/2011

A casino worker was fired after it was revealed that his compensation claim for a work-related injury was based on false information.

Employed part-time as a card dealer at a casino since 2002, L.C. filed a claim for workers’ compensation on Mar. 24, 2006.

L.C. first filled out the employer’s medical report form. There he reported that he had been suffering from a work-related injury for about one year. L.C. said the repetitive motions involved in dealing cards had caused injury to his right thumb. He reported that he was scheduled to have surgery, too.