Disciplinary incidents add up to termination

The company assessed discipline on a point system and the grievor had exceeded the maximum number of points after several infractions. The arbitrator found that the discipline had been properly assessed.
By Mark Rogers
|Canadian Labour Reporter|Last Updated: 12/09/2011

Disciplinary points were counted against a mill worker following two workplace incidents. When added to his existing record, the total of the new disciplinary points awarded for the two incidents exceeded the 100-point threshold for termination. The union grieved the discipline.

B.E. began working at a steel mill in 1977. He was close to being fired in 2005 for unspecified employment issues. Instead, he was transferred to the casting area in the mill’s Direct Strip Production Complex.

In 2008, B.E. was moved into the position of Hot Strip Mill Technician. The position has four different components: crane operator; coiler; furnace operator; and, finishing mill operator. Accreditation in each of the four roles comes with a wage increase. Accreditation for each level must be confirmed by a fellow member from the worker’s five-man crew and by the Front Line Supervisor.