Employer rejected senior applicant for posting

The senior applicant to a posting was not successful. The arbitrator agreed with the employer that the applicant's experience did not meet the minimum requirements for the job.
By Mark Rogers
|Canadian Labour Reporter|Last Updated: 04/30/2012

A labourer employed in a municipality’s Works and Transportation department applied for the permanent position of Meter Maintenance Person. When his application for the internal posting was rejected, the union grieved.

Before starting with the employer in 1997, J.D. acquired basic mechanical and financial skills working as an aircraft wing assembler and later as a self-employed renovator/contractor.

With the city, J.D. worked at a number of different jobs including sidewalk repair, painting and ice rink maintenance. With the move to Works and Transportation, J.D. worked at repairing signs and fixing broken traffic gates. He also did some work maintaining, repairing and reinstalling mechanical parking meters.