Quebec law should permit employer-employee communication during collective bargaining: Survey

Respondents split on who is favoured by laws
||Last Updated: 05/17/2012

Quebec employers and workers believe both employers and unions should have the right to communicate with employees during collective bargaining, according to a new poll conducted by Leger Marketing on behalf of the Quebec Employers Council.

About 75 per cent of the general public and 87 per cent of employers polled believe that employers, like unions, should be able to communicate with employees during negotiations of a collective agreement

This survey is the fourth in a series on the views of employers, workers and the general public regarding the current state of labour relations in Quebec and underlines that most people want more input from management and unions during collective bargaining, according to Yves-Thomas Dorval, chairman of the Employers Council.

About 75 per cent of employers and the general public believe both labour and management should be subject to the same communication rules and constraints during negotiations. Currently, the Quebec Labour Code prohibits employers from hindering, dominating or financing the formation or activities of an association of employees. An employer may communicate with its employees, but must not seek to interfere with union activities.

The study also asked participants to rate who is favoured by Quebec laws in labour relations. Respondents were divided on the issue, with 44 per cent of the population indicating employees are favoured, while 74 per cent of employers said employees were favoured.

The survey was conducted by Leger Marketing through internet and telephone polling. The survey had 1,049 respondents, including 633 workers and more than 350 managers from March 8 to 26, 2012.

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