Employer may not dock worker’s holiday pay

The grievor was sick and informed his supervisor, but left work before he was given permission to do so. The company did not pay him holiday pay for Christmas break. The arbitrator found he was in substantial compliance and awarded the grievor the pay.
By Mark Rogers
|Canadian Labour Reporter|Last Updated: 05/22/2012

A worker was issued a warning letter and disqualified for “floater” and statutory holiday pay after he left work early during his last shift before the Christmas shutdown. The union grieved both the warning letter and the loss of pay.

B.L. had about 20 years’ service working at a manufacturing plant. He worked four 10-hour shifts per week.

On Dec. 22, 2010 — four hours into his last shift before the Christmas shutdown — B.L. reported to his supervisor he was feeling ill and was going home.