No termination for misuse of employer cell phone

The grievor's failure to pay the personal portion of his cell-phone usage, which was permitted, was compounded by the employer's failure to provide him with a repayment plan, or even to cash his cheques. His failure to stop using the phone was insubordinate, however.
By Mark Rogers
|Canadian Labour Reporter|Last Updated: 06/18/2012

A worker for a public housing corporation was fired after he racked up more than $13,000 in charges for personal calls on his work cell phone.

W.D. was a Senior superintendent at a public housing complex. He directed more than 30 employees and was responsible for maintaining more than 350 apartment units. He worked independently at numerous locations. A cell phone was required for the job and was supplied by the employer.

Employees were permitted to use their work cell phones for personal calls; however, they were required to reimburse the employer for the cost of personal calls.