Failure to call in triggers last chance termination

The grievor was working under a last chance agreement requiring him to report any absence. He arrived at the plant and was unable to gain entrance. He reported the absence two days later. He was fired. The arbitrator found it was not the validity of his excuse but the failure to inform the company promptly that was at issue.
By Mark Rogers
|Canadian Labour Reporter|Last Updated: 07/23/2012

A worker was fired under the terms of a Last Chance Agreement (LCA) after failing to call in to report an absence. The union grieved, arguing the worker had not violated the LCA.

C.K. worked for a soft drink manufacturer as a warehouse worker in a distribution centre. He had about 15 years’ service when he was fired.

C.K. had attendance problems. In March 2009 he received a written warning cautioning him he was required to notify his supervisor when he was going to be absent.