Long-service worker fired for hygiene offence

The grievor was terminating for urinating in a drain. He worked in a bakery, but the location was not in a food-preparation area. The arbitrator dismissed the grievor's medical justification and upheld the termination, despite the grievor's long service.
By Mark Rogers
|Canadian Labour Reporter|Last Updated: 10/22/2012

A bakery worker in a retail food store was fired after he was discovered urinating into the floor drain in a janitorial storage room.

J.D. (John Doe) was hired as a bakery worker in 1988. He had about 23 years of service with the employer when he was fired on Sept. 20, 2011. His record included a handful of verbal warnings over the course of his career but no disciplinary sanctions.

One day in July 2011, a worker on an errand went into the store’s janitorial room. She discovered J.D. urinating into the floor drain. J.D. told her “the boys couldn’t wait.”