Termination warranted for filing false data

The grievor was terminated for making up reports rather than completing her quota of surveys. The arbitrator found that her length of service and clean record could not mitigate because the employer's reputation was on the line.
By Mark Rogers
|Canadian Labour Reporter|Last Updated: 12/06/2012

A survey worker was fired after it was discovered that she filed false data.

J.P. was employed as a Field Interviewer by a federal agency. J.P. had about three years’ service when she was fired in August 2006. There were no complaints about J.P.’s work up until that time.

Field Interviewers gather household and employment data in an assigned area for the national Labour Force Survey (LFS). Accurate data sets are critical for managing welfare, pension and unemployment programs. Public policy is also shaped according to information on household spending that is gathered to create the national Consumer Price Index.