Employer didn’t violate seniority provisions

The grievor had not been chosen for a temporary posting. The employer argued that he did not have the qualifications for the position because he had neither worked unsupervised nor experienced the greater pressures of the holiday position. The arbitrator agreed.
By Mark Rogers
|Canadian Labour Reporter|Last Updated: 01/07/2013

A plant worker grieved after his application to work over the Christmas shutdown was rejected in favour of a worker who had less seniority.

K.P. worked as a Parts and Materials Associate (PMAT) for a manufacturer and reseller of motor coaches. He began with the company in 1988. In 2005, he was reassigned to work in the company’s main regional outlet, which was housed in a 450,000-square-foot facility.

The Materials sector of the operation was divided into Shipping, Receiving and Stores. K.P. was employed primarily as a Shipper. Chiefly, he was engaged in picking parts as directed, putting them away and driving a forklift. As part of his job, K.P. used a scanner to locate, verify and track parts.