CAW ratifies agreement with Loomis Express

4-year ‘no concessions’ deal includes 2.5 per cent wage hike in fourth year
||Last Updated: 07/03/2013

Workers represented by the Canadian Auto Workers (CAW) union have ratified a four-year deal with Loomis Express.

The agreement includes improved rules governing severance payments in the event of layoff, plus provisions designed to protect workers if the company attempts to contract out work, the union said.

It also includes wage increases of 2.5 per cent in the fourth year, plus a $200 lump sum payment in the third year.

According to Bob Orr, assistant to CAW national president Ken Lewenza, the talks came against a backdrop of a major company restructuring, which caused workers to feel uncertain and insecure.

"The employer used this restructuring program as an opportunity to table major concessions, including wage cuts, that our bargaining committee simply could not accept," Orr said. "We bargained a no-concessions agreement with modest wage gains and other contract improvements. This is certainly a victory in challenging times."

The union represents 1,800 Loomis Express workers across Canada, including drivers that perform pick-up and delivery services, owner-operators, warehouse workers as well as customer service and clerical workers.

Loomis workers are represented by CAW Local 4005 in Nova Scotia, Local 4457 in Ontario, Local 755 in Saskatchewan and Manitoba, Local 4050 in Alberta and Local 114 in British Columbia.

Votes by region

The following is a breakdown of the ratification results:

•Nova Scotia (95 per cent)

•Ontario (89 per cent)

•Manitoba/Saskatchewan (65 per cent)

•Alberta (84 per cent)

•British Columbia (89 per cent)

The union bargains the five individual agreements simultaneously under what is called a "framework" agreement with the company.

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