Right-to-work laws could boost economy: Report

Ontario losing its competitive edge, study suggests
By Sabrina Nanji
|Canadian Labour Reporter|Last Updated: 09/16/2013

Right-to-work laws could be headed north of the border, if a think tank has its way.

The Fraser Institute, a public policy research agency, released its report, The Implications of US Worker Choice Laws for British Columbia and Ontario, earlier this month. In it, study authors concluded that implementing right-to-work legislation would give Ontario the competitive edge it so desperately needs.

Worker choice legislation, otherwise known as right-to-work laws, has existed in the United States for years, but it has yet to cross the border. It gives employees the ability to opt out of a union, making them exempt from paying dues, among other obligations. While worker choice advocates maintain these laws boost the economy and promote individual rights of employees, its naysayers argue it cripples the union movement.