Jail guard permanently benched due to back injury, forced to swap jobs

Former guard fights to get old job back after injury
|Canadian Labour Reporter|Last Updated: 10/21/2013

While the general population typically tries to stay out of jail, one correctional officer is trying to get back in.

Barred from his job at the Fraser Regional Correctional Centre near Maple Ridge, B.C., former correctional officer Douglas Pearson filed a grievance with the provincial government after he was relocated to accommodate a permanently disabling injury.

To make matters worse, that debilitating injury prohibited Pearson from performing the core element of his job. Pearson suffered an off-duty back injury and ended up having to go on the Ministry of Justice’s short-term illness and injury plan, and the long-term disability plan after that. After undergoing surgery and rehabilitation, Pearson began his gradual return to work in 2005.