PC Leader Tim Hudak set to lay out plan to create one million jobs in Ontario

Million Jobs Act to train young workers in skilled trades, create opportunities for recent grads
By The Canadian Press
|labour-reporter.com|Last Updated: 01/13/2014

TORONTO (CP) – Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak says he will lay out a plan today to create one million jobs in Ontario over eight years.

He says if his proposed bill, called the Million Jobs Act is passed, it will “begin its task of creating jobs and a prosperous province.”

Hudak says Ontario is a have-not province after losing more than 300,000 manufacturing jobs while adding more than 300,000 government sector jobs.

He says too many Ontarians wake up feeling it could be their last day on the job, citing such plant closures as Heinz in Leamington and Kellogg's in London.

Hudak says his plan will help young people get training in skilled trades that are in high demand and create opportunities for post-secondary grads.

The PC leader, who trumpeted his plan in a column in the Toronto Star, said Ontario has been ''waiting too long for our government to table its promised jobs plan, and it can no longer afford to keep waiting.''

He said there are nearly a million people currently out of work, meaning ''a million jobs must be created in our province, just to break even.''

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