From right-to-work to right-to-bid in Ontario

Proposed opposition amendment would see public-sector unions competing with private companies
By Liz Foster
|Canadian Labour Reporter|Last Updated: 03/10/2014

With a recent step back from his efforts to bring the American-style right-to-work campaign to Canada, Ontario Progressive Conservative (PC) leader Tim Hudak is taking a step forward in a different direction by proposing a sweeping plan that would contract out government services and see public-sector unions competing with private companies.

The PC’s Financial Accountability Act was recently tabled by MPP Doug Holyday. An amendment to the Liberal government’s legislation calling for the creation of a budget watchdog, the PC’s proposal would order the new financial accountability officer to review government services and recommend what to outsource.

"It makes sense for taxpayers," Hudak said of the proposal. "Not only does it then improve the quality of services, but it means we have more money to invest in maybe that new drug to help treat Parkinson’s; to help treat cancer; money that we can actually use to balance the books."