University of Saskatchewan deals with firing fallout

Professor’s temporary loss of tenure leads to questions of academic freedom
By Liz Foster
|Canadian Labour Reporter|Last Updated: 06/02/2014

As a naval officer, Robert Buckingham was told it was his duty to disregard any order from a commanding officer he deemed inhumane.

"We were told you are not to follow it and you are to report it. That’s all I did. It’s a very simple concept," Buckingham said of the military training that informed his decision to publicly speak out against the University of Saskatchewan’s TransformUS action plan.

The action plan — launched in an effort to address a projected $44.5 million deficit in the university’s operating budget by 2016 — outlines 19 projects that are expected to save the university $25.3 million in annual expenses. These savings will be reached through job cuts at the senior administration level and through the elimination or consolidation of programs and services.