Union-busting bill resurfaces

Ottawa's Bill C-377 undemocratic, unconstitutional, critics say
By Liz Foster
|Canadian Labour Reporter|Last Updated: 10/06/2014

The revival of union-busting Bill C-377 in Ottawa is ruffling some feathers.

"What's good for the goose is good for the gander. If the labour movement has to be governed by Bill C-377, so should the prime minister’s office," said Unifor’s national president Jerry Dias. "I’m challenging Stephen Harper. Unifor will comply with Bill C-377 when his office does. He’s got a lot more to hide than the labour movement."

The challenge comes as the Senate prepares to revive debate on Bill C-377, a controversial federal private member’s bill that would force unions to disclose details of their spending. It would require unions to publicly disclose any spending of $5,000 or more and any salary of $100,000 or more.