Employee in over his head on overtime shift

Paint factory staffer fails to show up over long weekend
|Canadian Labour Reporter|Last Updated: 10/20/2014

The Victoria Day weekend proved to be no holiday for Joshi Tirath, an employee on ABC INOAC Exterior’s paint line.

Tirath, who had worked for the Ontario-based employer for about five years, denied he failed to report to work on the Victoria Day holiday. He argued he was never asked to work an overtime assignment and as proof he pointed to the fact that he hadn’t signed or initialed anything in confirmation of his acceptance of the overtime.

Tirath worked his regularly scheduled shifts before and after the Victoria Day holiday and argued this entitled him to holiday pay as stipulated by the collective agreement. Management, however, maintained Tirath was asked and agreed to work that day. When Tirath failed to report to work on the holiday, he wasn’t paid.