Unifor, RA Centre reach deal

Agreement improves wages, job security
|labour-reporter.com|Last Updated: 11/24/2014

Unifor reached and ratified a new deal with RA Centre.

Workers approved the deal by 96 per cent after months of negotiations with the Ottawa-based employer.

The 35 unionized workers — represented by Unifor Local 4270 — met on Nov. 24 to review the details of the new contract.

“We’re very pleased that despite the financial constraints that RA is under as a not-for-profit, we were able to make some gains for the workers there, who provide excellent service to RA patrons,” said Unifor national representative Mike Armstrong.

“Workers can go into the holiday season with greater peace of mind and RA members can know that events, tournaments and games will go on uninterrupted.”

The new two year agreement features wages increases, including an extra bump for lower-wage part-time workers. Additionally, the deal includes improvements to job security and lay-off language.

The employees were without an agreement since May 2014. In early November the membership voted 85 per cent in favour of a strike as negotiations declined.

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