Edmonton cop hits roadblock in ranks

Past charges unfairly thwarted officer's career: Arbitrator
|Canadian Labour Reporter|Last Updated: 12/01/2014

An officer in the Edmonton police service felt his career had been unfairly thwarted because of past charges that were subsequently dropped — and an arbitrator has agreed.

The Edmonton Police Association filed a grievance against the City of Edmonton and its police service after the officer (whose name was not provided) felt his career had been unfairly prejudiced after sex trade workers had made serious allegations about the conduct of another emergency services officer. Later, charges were brought against the grievor under the Police Act's disciplinary process, but the complainants failed to show up to testify and, as a result, the charges were withdrawn.

According to Edmonton’s police service, regardless of whether the allegations were factual, the officer was transferred from his position to another one in which he would be less likely to give evidence — and thus, less open to challenges concerning his credibility.