Worker fired after stealing supplies to pay debt

Employee reported to management by cousin to whom he was indebted
|Canadian Labour Reporter|Last Updated: 12/08/2014

Wilfred Deal was fired from Louisiana-Pacific Canada’s East River plant after it was discovered he had been stealing from the Nova Scotia-based company for years.

Deal was terminated after it was reported to his supervisors he had been stealing items from the company for the past two or three years. Deal’s cousin made the phone call on May 12 alerting management that Deal had stolen cleaner, light bulbs, scissors, buffing wheels, grip tape, grinding discs, oil and various types of gloves over an extended period.

According to the cousin, Deal owed him money and had been paying off the debt in stolen merchandise. The cousin informed management Deal wanted to return the items immediately. The plant’s manager and Deal’s superintendent met with the cousin on May 14 in the company’s parking lot.