Employee dismissed after bottles of urine found

Severe measure of dicipline warranted: Arbitrator
|Canadian Labour Reporter|Last Updated: 06/01/2015

MARIO COUTURE was fired by Iron Ore Company on July 9, 2014, following several infractions. First, the Newfoundland-based tool room worker was found to be in breach of the company’s requirement to wear personal protection equipment. Next, he was belligerent towards his supervisor, threatening him about the safety complaint. Following his outburst, Couture was suspended.

Finally, Couture was found to have been urinating in plastic bottles in the work space and emptying the bottles in a sink-drain area at the end of his shifts. This was done in front of fellow employees, including one female co-worker who reported the issue to management the same day Couture was suspended.

The employer launched an investigation into the complaints against Couture and found several bottles of urine in the work space. He was subsequently fired.