Employee in hot water after handling hot product

Union grieves discipline for safety violation
|Canadian Labour Reporter|Last Updated: 07/13/2015

A serious safety violation led to Jeff Stevenson’s dismissal.

At the time of the incident, Stevenson was working at Invista Canada’s nylon manufacturing plant in Kingston, Ont. The production of nylon is inherently dangerous, resulting in product that reaches temperatures as high as 290 degrees Celsius. For this reason, employees use tools — referred to as "rakes" — whenever it is necessary to handle the molten polymer.

In April 2014, however, Stevenson used his gloved hand to manage the product, rather than the prescribed tool. A power outage resulted in some of the plant’s machinery shutting down. The process of production cannot be shut down completely, and so chutes were installed to divert the product from its normal course onto a cooling tray.