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Lachine, Que. (180 technicians and office employees) and the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAMAW) Local 2468
|Canadian Labour Reporter|Last Updated: 03/21/2016

Renewal agreement: EffectiveMarch 24, 2013, to March 19,2016. Signed on June 10, 2013.Wage adjustments:Effective March 18, 2012: 4%Effective May 12, 2013: 3%Effective July 6, 2014: 3%Paid holidays: 12 days and 1floater day.Vacations with pay: 2 weeksafter 1 year, 3 weeks after 3years, 4 weeks after 9 years, 4weeks and 1 day after 10 years, 4weeks and 2 days after 12 years,4 weeks and 3 days after 14years, 4 weeks and 4 days after16 years, 5 weeks after 17 years,5 weeks and 1 day after 18 years,5 weeks and 2 days after 22years and 6 weeks after 25 years.Overtime: Time and one-halffor all hours worked beyond 8hours per day or 40 hours perweek. Double time for all hoursworked in excess of 48 hoursper week. Triple time for allhours worked in excess of 7.6hours on a statutory holiday.Meal allowance: $60 daily al- lowance for employees requiredto travel out of town. The fulldaily allowance includes meals,beverages, gratuities, laundry,valet service and personalphone calls.Medical benefits: Employeeswith single coverage will pay$10 per pay period. Employeeswith family coverage will play$12 per pay period. Dependantsremain covered for 1 year afterthe death of the employee.Dental: Employees with singlecoverage will pay $10 per payperiod. Employees with familycoverage will play $12 per payperiod. Dependants remaincovered for 1 year after thedeath of the employee. Plancovers 100% of premiums forroutine treatments to a maxi- mum of $1,000 per year. Plancovers 80% of premiums formajor treatments to a maxi- mum of $2,000 per year. Plancovers 50% of premiums fororthodontia to a $1,500 lifetimemaximum.Vision: $350 every 2 years forthe purchase of prescriptionglasses or prescription contractlenses. $50 per employee every2 years for eye examinations.LTD: Employees with less than5 years of participation in theplan pay 50% of the premium.Employer pays 100% of premi- ums for employees’ with 5 ormore years of participation inthe plan. LTF benefit will be 662/3% of employee’s monthlybase salary to a maximum of$6,000.Life insurance: Employeeswith single coverage will pay$10 per pay period. Employeeswith family coverage will play$12 per pay period. Life insur- ance will be equal to 2 times theemployee’s annual basic salaryrounded to the next higher mul- tiple of $1,000. Life insurancefor a retired employee is $7,500.Pension: Employees hired as ofJan. 1, 2013, will participate inthe defined contribution com- ponent of the pension plan. Em- ployees will cease contributionsafter 35 years in the definedbenefit component. EffectiveJan. 1, 2016, employees willcontribute 4.5% to the definedbenefit component of the pen- sion plan. When the solvencyreached 90% the contributionwill be reduced to 4%.Seniority – recall rights: 2years.Call-in pay: Time and one-halffor hours worked of 4 hours’pay at straight time, whicheveris greater.Probationary period: 6months for new hires and 3months for promotions. Proba- tionary periods can be extendedby 6 weeks.Discipline: Sunset clause is 6months for a letter of warningand 2 years for a letter of sus- pension.Mileage: Travel time to workperformed outside companypremises will be paid at straighttime.Sample rates of pay (current,after 3% increase):Level 6: $40,898 per year risingin 6 steps to $49,972Level 7: $44,668 rising in 6 stepsto $54,236Level 8: $48,438 rising in 6 stepsto $59,436Level 9: $53,040 rising in 6 stepsto $64,870Level 10: $57,668 rising in 6steps to $70,902Level 11: $63,024 rising in 6steps to $77,870Level 12: $68,848 rising in 6steps to $84,838Level 13: $75,218 rising in 6steps to $92,768Level 14: $82,056 rising in 6steps to $101,452Editor’s notes: Mobile phones: Employees required to carry mobile phones or pagers outside standard times willbe compensated $140 per week. Service calls: Employees will be paid at time and one-half for all duties related to aservice call. Maternity leave: 18 weeks. Paternity leave: 5 weeks. Birth or adoption leave: 2 paid and 3 unpaid days.Parental leave: 52 weeks.