Forestry worker wins grievance but estoppel granted in B.C.

Plant chair had 'ostensible or apparent authority': Arbitrator
|Canadian Labour Reporter|Last Updated: 12/04/2017

An engineer working as a lower-rated classification was paid less than he felt he should have been, so he grieved his treatment.

Cody Ketchum was offered the job of fireman in March 2016 at the Mackenzie, B.C., lumber-processing plant of Conifex Timber. The job required employees to burn excess wood-waste products which created power for the plant. 

Ketchum was paid $33.92 per hour while working as a fireman. On June 14, he moved to a temporary position as engineer in the plant until Aug. 22. During that time, he was paid $40.34 per hour and he received his third-class engineer’s ticket.