Fort McMurray, Alta., cook alleges underpayment for work

Chef showed favouritism which was noted by other workers
|Canadian Labour Reporter|Last Updated: 11/05/2018

When the managing chef at a work camp was away, a first cook filled in for him and was paid as a chef, but the temporary designation was not enough to prevent the cook from being permanently laid off in 2015.

Mani Kanniappan first worked at the Albian Sands Village site north of Fort McMurray, Alta., in 2014 for Great West Catering. On days when Craig Mackintosh, chef/manager, took off (the staff worked on a 21-days-on, 7-days-off schedule) Kanniappan filled in for him and he was paid at the higher rate.

When Mackintosh returned to work, Kanniappan was back working at his original position, the lower-rated first-cook classification. Chefs generally worked in the office, mainly doing administrative duties, while first cooks were strictly stationed in the kitchen.