5 police officers in Thunder Bay, Ont., grieve after court-leave payments denied

‘Concluded’ not same definition as ‘cancelled’: Arbitrator
|Canadian Labour Reporter|Last Updated: 12/10/2018

Five police officers who attended court and were advised their services were no longer required each filed claims for short-notice cancellation pay — but all were refused.

Const. Rob Bonthron, Det. Const. Jesse Lepere, Det. Const. Tom Armstrong, Const. Brandon Tyrvainen and Sgt. Justin Dubuc collectively grieved, along with the union, the Thunder Bay Police Association (TBPA), after the officers did not receive payments when they were given short notice that their Thunder Bay, Ont., court appearances were cancelled.

“If a member’s court attendance is cancelled less than 24 hours before scheduled, the member shall receive a payment of four hours’ straight time pay,” according to article 6.02 of the collective agreement.