Cancoil Thermal workers in Kingston, Ont. ratify new contract

Wages, premiums rise immediately in deal: UFCW
||Last Updated: 08/23/2019
Collective agreement
All employees will receive a raise of three per cent in the fifth year of the contract. iStock

A new collective agreement for 100 full-time employees of Cancoil Thermal in Kingston, Ont. was ratified on Aug. 11.

The workers are represented by United Food and Commercial Workers union (UFCW) Canada, Local 175.

The new deal incudes a new shipper/receiver position to ensure work continues to be done by bargaining-unit members, the union bulletin board will be relocated to a more visible position which will help members stay informed and the contract also includes provisions for a union office to be created in the plant by Oct. 31, says the union.

In terms of wages, production employees at Cancoil will receive an initial raise of 2.15 per cent (which will apply retroactively for hours worked since April 3). After the first year, raises for employees in this classification will be 2.15 per cent in year two, 2.2 per cent in year three and another 2.25 per cent in year four. Maintenance employees will receive an initial wage adjustment of $2 per hour, retroactive for hours worked since April 3, as well. Following this, employees classified as maintenance will get increases of two per cent in years two, three, and four, says UFCW.

All employees will receive a raise of three per cent in the fifth year of the contract. In addition, shift premiums go up to $0.65 per hour immediately. The contract includes improved language regarding banked overtime as well, says the union.

Vision coverage improves to provide $180 per 24-month period for non-safety glasses. The plan will now cover up to $125 every 24 months for safety glasses. The employees at Cancoil will also benefit from increased contributions, up by $0.03 per hour, to the group RRSP, says UFCW.

Other monetary improvements include a better boot allowance of $90 per year and an increased clothing allowance of $95 per year. The ratified deal includes language stating the employer will pay $25 toward the cost of a requested doctor’s note, says the union.

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