Worker Off for Stress Did Not Abandon Job

Illness was legitimate; direction to remain at work not clear
|Canadian Labour Reporter|Last Updated: 01/27/2011

Fleeing the workplace after receiving word that she was to be reassigned from her prime position, an usher who worked major league sports events was fired after her employer decided she had abandoned her post.

A part-time usher since 1995 at a large indoor stadium, G.E. mostly worked basketball games. Because her section contained the players’ dressingroom entrance, it was considered one of the more difficult sections to work because of the need to keep fans away from the players while maintaining a friendly and professional demeanour.

Beginning in 2007, G. E. began to get complaints. While the first complaint referenced poor treatment from staff in general, the second complaint singled out G.E.’s conduct in particular and suggested that she was “power tripping.”