Worker Was Not Harassed

|Canadian Labour Reporter|Last Updated: 02/02/2011

Concerned that a missing property report inappropriately singled him out racially and implicated him in a theft, an airport Security Officer filed a grievance. The union claimed that the worker was the victim of racial harassment and discrimination contrary to the collective agreement.

Six months after being hired as a Security Officer at a regional airport, D.K. worked a regular shift screening baggage. A few days later, a call from a passenger came through to the airport reporting that a ring had gone missing from a passenger’s baggage.

While there was no allegation of theft either from the passenger or from airport management, the passenger was invited to fill out a claims form. The form, which was completed and faxed back to the airport, detailed the missing property, the date and flight number and the name or, in this case, a description of the Security Officer who screened the baggage. The form identified D.K. simply as “male, native.”