Discipline, Not Termination for Failure to Follow Procedures

|Canadian Labour Reporter|Last Updated: 02/03/2011

Attempting to cover his tracks by throwing out mis-mixed product, a bulk seasonings mixer at a food services company was fired after the company discovered discarded bags of Polish sausage-flavoured cranberry stuffing mix by the trash compactor.

Hired in 1999, R.T. worked as a Blending Packaging Operator for a food services company. Engaged chiefly in blending dry ingredients, spices and oils in industrial blenders, the job is detail oriented and requires consistent and meticulous documentation at every stage in order to ensure quality and consistency. Before blending, the various component ingredients are recorded by weight and tracked by lot number and indicated on the final product.

In the event of mistakes, Quality Control determines whether or not the product can be salvaged by reworking it into another formulation. When product must be discarded as a last resort, the “batching error” is documented and inventory adjusted accordingly. Plant rules outline basic production procedures and forbid the falsification of records or reports.