Insolence, Unapproved Absences Each Warrant Discipline

|Canadian Labour Reporter|Last Updated: 02/05/2011

Three separate absences from work without proper notification and a name-calling incident drew discipline for a driver. The union grieved the discipline, arguing that it was without just cause.

B.W. began his employment as a driver at a distribution warehouse in 2007. During that time, the employer instituted a policy on managing absences that required workers to provide at least 30 minutes’ notice prior to the beginning of a shift if they were going to be absent. Workers were required to call the phone number provided and cautioned that failure to provide proper notification would result in discipline.

Having arranged to take his vacation towards the end of January 2010, B.W.’s last scheduled workday before his two-week break was Tuesday, January 26. B.W. was a no-show at work that day. Monday, February 8 was B.W.’s first scheduled day back at work. However, he was a no-show on that day too — failing to provide notice as required for either day.