Warehouse Worker Terminated for Threatening Coworker

|Canadian Labour Reporter|Last Updated: 02/06/2011

A warehouse worker was fired after an altercation and threats to a coworker over earlier testimony given at labour board hearings. The union grieved the termination.

While S.S. denied the allegation that he threatened anyone, the Arbitrator preferred the testimony of his accuser, a team leader at a tile distribution warehouse.

In S.S.’s version of events, the team leader asked S.S. about his circumstances while S.S. was repairing a skid at the team leader’s tile cutting work station. According to S.S., matters quickly degenerated during what he reported as a two-minute discussion about the team leader’s testimony in a previous labour board hearing. S.S. said that he had exhorted the team leader not to lie in upcoming proceedings as he had earlier and finished the conversation by calling the team leader a “fricking liar” in a loud voice.