Punitive Damages Awarded for Egregious, Bad Faith Termination

|Canadian Labour Reporter|Last Updated: 02/06/2011

Stalked, spied on, videoed and then fired by her employer while she was recuperating from knee surgery, an airport worker was awarded restitution for lost wages and benefits as well as punitive damages and an award for mental distress.

Forty-seven at the time of her termination, C.B. was employed as a fleet co-ordinator responsible for keeping track of the airport’s fleet of more than 200 vehicles. A respected and well-liked 23-year employee with no record of discipline, C.B. began her career with the previous airport employer, as had both her parents.

Exiting a vehicle at work, C.B. twisted her knee. When the injury did not respond to conservative treatment, surgery was performed. Post surgery, C.B. was prescribed physiotherapy and told by her surgeon to take six weeks off to recover. However, C.B. told her surgeon that she did not want to be off work that long and he gave her a note prescribing four weeks’ leave instead.