Termination Appropriate for Insubordinate Employee

|Canadian Labour Reporter|Last Updated: 02/06/2011

A municipal bus driver was fired after refusing direct orders and then commandeering his bus and neither his 17 years of service nor his written apology were sufficient to mitigate a history of insubordinate conduct.

Six months following a 20-day suspension and his return to work under the terms of a last chance agreement, F.P. was terminated for gross insubordination.

Shortly after beginning his last run of the day on January 18, 2007, F.P. notified transit control that the windshield washer on his bus was not working. Furnished with a new bus about 10 minutes later, F.P. was directed by the transit supervisor to restart his run at the next station in 18 minutes. F.P. responded to the supervisor saying, “That won’t be happening.”